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Pertannaia is a planet covered in sea and shallow water, with many coastal environments. It is one of the planets of Alpha Centauri. The extraterrestrials living there are amphibious, with a body resembling our cephalopods with parts akin to our crustaceans. The ecosystem is based on utter cooperation, and the pertannaians sing and dance together with all life, enjoying the beauty of their natural world. They love fun and contemplation, swimming in the currents of their oceans and enjoying all the colors, lights and miracles which happen under the water.

Pertannaians are a cephalopod like race, with a very malleable boneless body, which they can change in all sorts of ways. Their body can grow an exoskeleton similar to the one of our crustaceans or insects, which they can create and design according to their specifications, so that it enables them to do what they wish to. Usual among the exoskeletons are parts which can produce different kind of sounds, which they use to make music, mobile enough to dance in, because Pertanaians love to sing and dance, and with parts that manipulate objects, so that they can shape the world around them. Other less common bodyparts include transdimensional portals generators and various matter reconfigurators, which are grown only by the members of the society who are actually interested in using them. When a Pertannaian feels they have reached a changing point in their life, and don’t know where to go to, they shed their exoskeleton and dive into the depths of their ocean. There, able to withstand the tremendous pressures thanks to their body, they lie in wait for an epiphany which will change the way they see the world and give them a new direction. For them, the bottom of the ocean is a sacred place, because they consider it to be the closest on their planet to the energy of the source, and go to visit it to receive inspiration.

Pertannaians are a very simple people, which live in the shallow waters and in the coastlines, and together they create a better world dreaming it and allowing it to raise before their eyes. Pertannaian society is without complex structures, and it makes use of biogrown crystal to build globular homes. The houses are rather bare and small, almost like holes, but they consider them very comfortable. They lack cities and communication means like ours, living instead in underwater homes which dot very sparsely the coastline of their planet, a bit far from each other but always in contact with one another.

Although they can create with their exoskeleton a transdimensional portals generator, their preferred method of travelling between worlds is to ask telepathically for a ride to other civilizations and other space captains, or to the Nautiinii, great whale-like giant octopuses, who are able to navigate and survive across the stars. The Nautiinii are a mix between spaceships and friends who occasionally give Pertannaians a ride.

Pertannaians in time have forged many bonds of friendship with all the peoples around the galaxy. They bring with them the vibration of their suns reflecting on their ocean, which are akin to the colors of a sunset or of the aurora borealis, and they love to spread this beauty everywhere they go. They also love hosting others on their planet, to share with them the beauty of nature on their planet, the songs and the dances.

They have also come here to help us clean the sea. If we call them and allow them to enter into our material world, we can encounter them, in a calamari shaped cloud, a semitransparent ship hovering above the waves or a tentacle slipping under the surface. The more we call them with our wishes and the more we desire to meet them the closer they can come to our physical world and in presence of our consciousness. They are very good at changing things, especially to clean and making the energies shine, so for them fixing things on our planet is easy, and they do it with pleasure.

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