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We all know dinosaurs. We know they were huge, great and awesome. They have died out a lot of time ago, but their spirits and their energies can still be felt in some places, like in most of South America or the Canary islands, and of course every kid who loves them is in spiritual contact with them. What most people don’t know, however, is that they are returning. 

There is in in this period a great work in the spirit world to bring them back on Earth. Many spirits, especially dinosaurs, and the spirits of many living people, are working together to find the best way to reintegrate them in the ecosystems we already have, looking for new equilibriums which will allow for their existence as well. There is a lot of work being done in great labs in the astral realm and other dimensions, with many different beings working there, and a lot of things still to be done.

Dinosaurs are very powerful, their energy radiates outward like a miniature sun, warming and giving life to everything around them. They don’t quite work on the same terms of the animals who live here today, because they’re greater than them and they lived in very different times. For example, some big dinosaurs ate rocks (the current theory is that they used them to digest plants, but we really don’t know  why only they would need that out of all the animal kingdom); many things we take for granted with animals do not apply to dinosaurs, because they are so powerful that their energy field quite easily informs everything around them of what is and isn’t possible. Dinosaurs in some ways act like a bridge between the various living kingdoms, they have some qualities of minerals and also of plants. When they come back here, they might as well appear to us as symbionts of plants and animals. 

Many of us have a view of them which differs a bit from how they actually were, we are more used to old depictions of them from Jurassic Park and the like, which paint them as mindless brutes, but they are very far from that; in fact they are very wise and peaceful, kind of like the animals we have today, only greater.

If you are in contact with them you very probably know you are, because you loved them when you were a kid, or you love them still; what might be more difficult is to believe that something we love so much but we thought we were never going to see is actually going to reappear on Earth. 

Connecting to their energies is rather easy: just think about them, read about them or look at their pictures, and you’ll be able to feel them. You can also meet them in the spirit world. Here is an example meditation: first sit or lay down and relax, then remember all the things that you did when you were little (or that you do now) connected to dinosaurs, and feel how they make you feel. 

Then, visualize the Earth millions and million of years ago, with all its old environment. Go there with your spirit, to a place where the dinosaurs still exist (for our soul and spirit, time is very easy to travel through and if necessary to change). 

You can immagine the journey your spirit takes, following the energetic signature of the Earth far far in the past, until you arrive at a land at the dawn of time, where everything is powerful and vital. Observe that place, its inhabitants, the plants, the insects and everything else. A dinosaur might appear just now, or maybe not. If it doesn’t, you can try calling to them, and wait for one of them to appear. When a dinosaur appears, you can ask them anything you want. Remember that the dinosaurs are many and different from one another, each of them is very powerful in what they decide to do, so if you encounter a troodon or a triceratops they are going to have very different energies and powers.

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