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We recently started to investigate a new field of energy science that we may call "Bio-Mutate-Energy": it is a way of producing different energies from the changes of life-forms and their interactions.

The first information we got was amazingly simple: the energy must circulate in both senses, like in the "infinite" symbol -->

                          this is always true in Life.

Here is the guy that guided us in this first discovery: LINK. He explained us that "One very important element in these processes is that the beings must enjoy deeply their interactions, this is the easiest and fastest way in which they evolve in the sense of collaborating and transforming energies . . . "

After that, I saw the first interreign-being producing light, it was a beautiful flower with a metal microscopic endoskeleton in a leaf, where some bristle worms lived.   


The movements of the animals were the last essential elements for the production of light, and there was a beautiful crystal at the basis of the flower to amplify and maintain the effects of the movement: LINK

Finally we came across the TROKGENDER, the device that you see in the picture (the one in the down-right square). But let me explain a bit more about this picture:

a nice being (in the upper-right square) guided me to study the Duguru-Nada flower, which has a powerful pistil, where nuclear fusion happens to produce a very good-smelling gas when the Sun is very hot. Then the guy showed me the Oneghinondogo, a micro plant-animal which lives on cosmic stones. He loves to recharge his energy on the stones, and from time time to fly away playing the air producing a kind of music.    

I asked the guy what are you showing me these beings for?

"Species from our worlds, if you want to study them, please" was the answer.

It was then that I clearly saw the TROKGENDER, a polymorphic cosmic crystal stone, where faces change planes and position through the actions of the micro-plant-animals living on it. And the best part: the growing and the movements of the micro-plant-animals living on it depend on the morphogenetic field of the ecosystem. It means that the device works just in a very pure, clean and high environment. 

I know the words "pure" and "high" may sounds pretentious, but in this case they just mean that the morphogenetic field where such a technology works must be built by souls with the necessary consciousness to let him work.

maria galactica.jpg

Second Part of the study:

The flow of Life rotated in a spiral double helix vortex as the DNA dance; as the Teslawaves; as any other vital pattern, the only difference is the morphogeenetic field around . . .

So it brought me to the big third eye of this beautiful Lady, she  was receiving drops of Life, from the central Sun ...

I remainde there a bit with inmense pleasure, feeling the peaceful, nurturing joy that fill her energy ...

The eye opened to a beautiful world, floating in the sky, with many high stones, monolithic presence for the infinite stream of consciousness


The streams opened and a code came: new mathematics: calculating the space: the addition may be done through angles not numbers, try... 

This second part was channeled in co-creation with Maria_galactic_art

The study is currently in progress . . . stay tuned

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