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Friends from all over the universe


There are a lot of beings, entities and creatures that live in this world with us. Many beings from all over the universe have also come here in this moment to help the whole planet Earth make a shift of consciousness and perception, living manifestly what was only barely sensed before. The elementals and the animal spirits are every day closer and more present, the dragons are reawakening and coming from the stars, the faeries are opening the doors to their kingdom to everybody who wishes to meet them, dinosaurs are planning their comeback to Earth, and the extraterrestrials are working with humans all over the planet to help them liberate themselves from limiting beliefs.

There are a lot of beings working with us every moment, each one of us is followed for his whole life by his friends in the spiritual world and from all other worlds of the universe. The beings we like most and the ones we feel attracted to are generally those who are closer to us, and we can find them in our lives if we look close enough: very often, a behavior or a hobby or something in our lives has the purpose of allowing us to feel their energies, so that we can live the connection in our life even when we aren't conscious of it. When we live their energy, we manifest them in the material world in some way, and we allow them to have an effect on the world. Even if we are not conscious of it, in that moment we're helping change the wold by infusing it with the energy of our closest friends. If we want, we can also contact them directly, calling them and listening for their energy, the sensation we recognize them by. In that moment, when we feel their energy, there is a contact occurring; most often it happens in the spiritual world or in the astral plane, or in other planes of existence. We are not used to put our attention there, and we often don’t know we can arrive there with our consciousness. But it is only a matter of knowing that our soul exists everywhere in the universe where it cares to be, and to allow ourselves to put our attention there (which means trusting that we can).

Of the many beings who live with us without us knowing, who are the closest to you, who has been at your side for your whole life without you noticing? You can remember them, they are your family, and are waiting for you to notice their presence.

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