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The Fair Folk

The faeries are incarnations of spirits of nature, who live in their dimension and can affect and visit our own. They are composed of many different peoples, from Sidhe to goblins and elves and dwarves, with trolls, phookas, selkies and all the faeries from the old stories. Most of them live in their land, Faerie, also called Arcadia and in many other ways, which is in another plane of existence, another vibration of the physical world, lighter than ours. There, everything is alive and conscious, the spirits and their physical manifestations are closer, so for example, the wind can tell you stories, or you can directly feel the river spirit and its energy when you jump into a river. The barriers between you and the spirits who surround you disappeared.

The faeries inhabit the natural places of the Earth, and have their own way of life which may differ from ours very much, from extremely simple and focused lives to  complex societies and life structures. They usually live a part of nature very closely, with a lot of love and happiness, enjoying it so much that it is almost all their life, and doing so they help the energy flow there, making everything beautiful through their appreciation and freeing through their love all the blockages the energy might encounter.

The various peoples which comprise the faeries are in another physical dimension, but we can very easily get in contact with them and comunicate directly if we want. The natural and spontaneous way to do it, which many people use, is to feel them and their energy in our heart. When we are in nature, even if we don’t notice it, we might naturally connect with them and their light. Also, another very important way of being in contact with the fair folk is through stories, because both fantasy stories, children’s tales and of course the stories of the faerie lore, of people who have had encounters with them, carry their vibration and their energy.

To meet them, you can go outside and have a walk in nature. It is best if the environment is not exactly as you’re used to, for example after (or during) rain, when it’s dark or in a new place. Begin listening to everything, especially the sensations, the feelings, and let your imagination run wild, giving faces and life to all that surrounds you. Drift far from yourself listening to the sounds of nature, feeling the sensations you get and imagining how everything around you lives. You can ask the universe to meet them, while you are there, but in truth you only need to recognize them: you’re already surrounded by them. They speak directly with your soul, so if you want to meet them, they know. Don’t expect anything, but instead look for what seems to you as a glimpse of their energy, in the form of a natural occurrence, or a flash in your mind. What you truly need is trust. If you look for them, they are going to comunicate with you in a way you can recognize, you only need to believe it when you encounter it.

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