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Micro-Ecosystems-Producing Free Energy

light bulb flower
Light bulb flower

The first message we received about MEP Free Energy was this Light bulb flower: one of his branch is made of a metal-material and it offers a nice place to stay to Phosphorus-warms that so produce a vital flow of extra energy.

The flower shines the energy throught his carpels and stamens, making his colors so enveloping all around.

Up on the roots, a pure quartz-crystal, set himself in order to mantein the energy even when warms are not there. 

The light bulb flower works when all the being living in such mini-ecosystem are happy and someone takes gentle care of them.

Schermata 2018-11-19 alle 13.07.48.png
Happiness & Evolution

Well, so this project is to facilitate the evolution of mini-ecosystem in the direction of producing free energy!! 

The energy key for humans to push and follow this direction is happiness: feeling the desires and sensations of all living beings and ask them to evolve in the direction of producing free-energy.

A huge sense of observation, hope and fun is required.

So, brave and happy scientists go on, let's collaborate, experiment with complete freedom and share te results.


Oh yes, the important technical element is the BIDIRECTIONAL flow of energy,


but do no worry, this is the natural sense of all living being :)

Schermata 2018-11-19 alle 13.09.19.png
Reforestation & Crop Cicles

This third message was absolutely amazing and gave a completely new sense to the previous ones !!

The project is much more bigger then we thought . . . many elements are still missing but well, we're receiving lots of support from many space-friends, one way to take advantage of their help is starting with the Planet Earth Reforestation, it is not so difficult as it may seems: we already have good examples of how to do it with little efforts, one of them is Aerial reforestation.

So the first use of the experimental MEP Free Energy will be financing the Arial   Reforestation.



We will shortly explain you more about this phase of the project.


Stay tuned


Oh yes! We still don't know what crop circles have to do with all that but, as soon as it'll become clearer we will update the page 

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